About Aktub

Aktub develops new technologies to help students of Arabic acquire stronger language skills. Aktub means "I write" in Arabic. The name is taken from our signature application, the Aktub Typing Tutor, which teaches you how to type in Arabic. Teachers, for more information, click here.

Aktub was founded by Yaman Salahi. Yaman's goal was to use new technology to improve the Arabic learning process for students. He created Aktub with his own experience as a student in mind, after studying Arabic for four years at U.C. Berkeley and then moving to Yale University to study law. During that time, Yaman struggled to maintain his Arabic, but used his programming background to create the tools he wanted to use in his studies. In May 2012, he graduated with his juris doctorate from Yale Law School.

Aktub is also developing new technologies to connect Arabic students with one another and with the Arabic internet. We are currently developing reading, vocabulary, and listening tools to enable students to direct their own studies and interests.