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Ahlan wa Sahlan, Arizona Wildcats!


We'd like to welcome students from the University of Arizona to the new Aktub. We have partnered with Professor Sonia S'hiri of the University of Arizona to introduce the Aktub Typing Tutor to your beginning, intermediate, and advanced Arabic syllabus. You are amongst the first to try the new Aktub, and your feedback will help Aktub better serve the needs of Arabic students everywhere.

The Aktub Typing Tutor will teach you how to type in Arabic. You'll start with an introduction to the Arabic alphabet, and then steadily make your way through levels to practice every letter on the keyboard. Once you finish these drills, you may start playing a series of game levels that combine typing practice with vocabulary acquisition. You'll pick up the skills you need to benefit from the wealth of Arabic content on the Internet today.

The Typing Tutor is just the beginning. Over the next few months, we'll roll out new tools that will improve the learning process and introduce you to the Arabic-speaking Internet. Like us on Facebook to receive updates.

We hope that Aktub will improve the learning experience and enable you to incorporate the Arabic-speaking Internet into your studies from the very start. Please let us know what you like and don't like about Aktub. If you run into any problems, please write to support@aktub.com for help, or click on the "feedback" button in the bottom right of your screen.

Posted on Jan. 3, 2012 by Aktub Admin

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