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Announcement: New Aktub Typing Tutor


I am happy to announce that the new Aktub has arrived. As someone who has used Aktub in the past, you are already familiar with the old typing tutor.

Today, Aktub starts expanding to provide Arabic students with new educational services. We have upgraded our signature app -- the Arabic Typing Tutor -- but a whole set of innovative learning tools are on the way, too.

The new Aktub Typing Tutor runs in your browser, offers a revised typing curriculum, and comes with completely new material. Utilizing the latest web technologies, the new Aktub Typing Tutor will permit us to provide continuing updates and improvements to the interface and curriculum. We will also develop ways for you to review your typing progress, identify areas that need improvement, and compare your typing speed with other users.

Aktub Typing Tutor comes with three standard curricula. The first includes an Introduction to typing that teaches you how to type every letter of the alphabet from memory. The second is a set of thematic vocabulary games. The third is an eclectic collection of texts, including news clippings, literary selections, biographies, and sketches of special places in the Arab world.

I created the first version of Aktub in 2007, when I was still a student in UC Berkeley's Arabic program. Since then, hundreds of students have benefited from Aktub in their studies. Although I have graduated, I have sought ways to continue to improve my Arabic. I've found that learning to touch type -- without the assistance of an on-screen keyboard or tortured and anglicized transliteration -- is one of the best ways to engage with Arabic in the Internet era.

Your feedback has been essential to improving Aktub. Please keep that in mind and feel free to share your comments with me at any time. You can reach us at support@aktub.com.

Thank you for your time.

Best wishes,

Founder, Aktub LLC

Posted on Jan. 30, 2012 by Aktub Admin

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