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Aktub is a new service for students of Arabic, dedicated to improving the Arabic learning experience with modern technologies. We have a whole suite of learning tools on the way to connect you to the Arabic Internet, but our first application is a modernized version of an app that hundreds of Arabic students have used since 2007: the Aktub Typing Tutor.

The ability to type is becoming more and more inseparable from the ability to use Arabic on the Internet. Students should start acquiring this skill as early as possible. The Aktub Typing Tutor integrates typing into your curriculum, linking apprehension of the Arabic language to mastery of Arabic computing. The typing curriculum is designed to improve vocabulary acquisition with a thematic set of vocab lists. Moreover, the Typing Tutor comes with Arabic prose selections that run the gamut from news stories about current events like the death of Michael Jackson to literary excerpts written by cultural icons like Mahmoud Darwish and Ghassan Kanafani.

The new Aktub Typing Tutor uses cutting-edge HTML5 technology to work in every modern browser. This allows us to improve your experience by providing you with rolling updates, and connecting you to other users. You'll be able to see how quickly you type in comparison to other Aktub users, and much more.

The Typing Tutor is just the start. Over the next few months, Aktub will introduce new apps to improve your Arabic learning experience. We would love your feedback. Click the "feedback" button if you're logged in, or send an e-mail to support@aktub.com.

Posted on Jan. 26, 2012 by Aktub Admin

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