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Typing has become an essential skill for using Arabic in today’s online environment, yet few Arabic courses integrate it into their curriculum. The growth of online Arabic content makes it more and more likely that your students will need to type in Arabic to effectively use the language skills they are working hard to acquire. Aktub Typing Tutor fills this gap for your students so that they can more effectively engage with Arabic content on the Internet.

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Valuable for beginners and experienced students

Aktub Typing Tutor is an excellent introduction to the Arabic language. The first several levels introduce students to the Arabic alphabet with crisp audio pronunciations. Aktub helps students equip their computers for Arabic use, so they can integrate technology into the learning process from the start. Intermediate and advanced students can jump ahead to the typing lessons.

Easy integration into your curriculum

Our sample syllabus makes for easy integration into your course. Simply encourage your students to use the Aktub Typing Tutor on a continuous basis throughout the semester, and don't worry about spending in-class time on technical issues. Your students will continue to have access to Aktub Typing Tutor even after they complete your course so they can keep practicing.

Track your students' progress

Clean, easy-to-understand charts make it easy to monitor your students' progress. Teachers can track how much of the typing curriculum students have completed, improvements in their typing speed and accuracy, and also the total time they have spent using the typing tutor.

Institutional rates and custom requests

We will do everything we can to meet your institution's custom needs. Institutions may opt either to purchase Aktub for their students, or to assign it as required course material. In both cases, special institutional discounts apply. Please contact yaman@aktub.com if you have questions or are interested in using Aktub.

Student Feedback

"Of all the methods to learn to type in Arabic that I have tried, Aktub worked best. Every student of Arabic should practice and hone their typing ability." - W

"I have personally found it advantageous to learn how to type in Arabic by using this program.... I consider this skill one more language tool in an increasingly connected world." - D

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